Apple crumble bars I guess


This walnut syrup is from some sort of traditional greek walnut candy. It’s delicious so I kept it for pancakes :)

Jam crumble bars! Just made them, dad couldn’t resist to them… Haha I’m glad!

Pancakes with caramel syrup for breakfast! ^^ Haven’t made pancakes for a long time…

And for those who can’t stand the regular milk… Almond milk! Nutritious, healthy, lactose and gluten free, a nice taste! It can be very easily made at home.

It’s a banana smoothie, with some chocolate syrup. It’s not that good, but it satisfies my smoothie addiction.

The orange jam thingies on top were supposed to be swirls. 

This is for my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday to everyone who has their birthday today, on the 5th of December!

And yes… the kitchen is a mess. I’m clearing up now!

Apple dutch pancake that I made!